Estate Sales & Liquidations

The best method is to have an on-site sale at your location. This reduces the costs of moving items.

We will walk through your home or business alongside of you. We know that this may be an emotional time for some, parting with sentimental family heirlooms is not an easy task. We will work with you so that your process is as stress free as possible.

We will go through your basement, barn, garage, or attic and help ensure that you are not throwing out a valuable vintage item. If you will be selling the home, we can assist you with the removal of ALL items, leaving the home ready for market. We’re happy to help you every step of the way.


We ask that you call us before you start the cleaning process and before you have a yard sale. Do not throw out anything until we have a chance to see it, or speak to you. Sometimes, it is those very items that could make you the most money.

Are you renovating or downsizing?

We will buy those old barn doors, glass doors, light fixtures, structural pieces, cast iron lawn furniture and more. Tearing down or renovating a barn, farm, or industrial space? We purchase rusty, oily and long standing industrial items. Equipment, lamps, work benches, carts, machinery and more.